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Paying Court Fines Online

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As our society and our everyday activities, including paying bills, move more and more online, it becomes natural to expect the ease of online access to apply to that most frustrating of chores – paying a traffic ticket. As consumers, we desire the ease and speed of paying tickets online and our courts reap the benefits of not having court personnel tied up with processing these payments. 

The ability to pay these tickets, and other court fees, online varies greatly from state to state and even county to county. Some states and counties have a wide range of court functions … Read More

Public Records on your Mobile Device

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Mobile Public Records Screenshot The Public Records Free Directory had launched a new mobile device service.

This streamlined version of the directory allows input of a zip code or a city and state name along with the type of public record needed. The service will return links and contact information of just the area and type you’re looking for.

The Mobile Public Records service is available at and .

Please let us know what you think, future expansions are possible!… Read More