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Online Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Online access to court records, including case information, dockets, calendars, and opinions continues to expand across the nation. New Hampshire, however, remains behind the times in providing case information online. While the state has a new case management system called Odyssey, there are only two access sites for this information – the Grafton County Probate Court and the Hillsborough County Probate Court.  Furthermore, the information available is limited – one may search for individual or business names and discover that a case exists, but little other information will be found.

A New Hampshire Supreme Court Task Force on Public Access … Read More

Unemployment and Government Jobs

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The U.S. economy remains in turmoil and unemployment news remains grim. It seems like every day new figures emerge showing the loss of American jobs at staggering rates. In times of such uncertainty, people look for stable, well-paying jobs and government jobs are often at the forefront of their job search. Many government job listings are found online, but finding where such government jobs are, what jobs are open, and how one applies can be time consuming and frustrating.

The Free Public Records Directory has added a new category to its directory of public records – government jobs. Links for … Read More

Sunshine Week Analysis

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The 2009 annual Sunshine Week survey of government information available online is in and the results are interesting. Results were based on reviews of government web sites in every state to determine the availability of 20 different kinds of public records. The public record types researched include disciplinary actions against attorneys and doctors, inspection reports of bridges, schools, school buses, hospitals, nursing homes and child care centers, financial disclosure information including audits, project expenditures and campaign finance, as well as death certificates.

The survey found that death certificates were the least likely type of record to be found online and … Read More

The New Gun Debate

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This past week, there was a very sad story in the news about a deadly school shooting in Germany where over one dozen people were killed. Over the past few decades, America has had it’s own share of grief over fatal school shootings such as Columbine, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, and many more. While many countries have used gun violence as a rational for tightening gun laws, for the most part, the debate in America continues. While many can hardly deny the validity of the rights given from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution (the right to … Read More

Find Legal Recourse from Defective Products

There are many resources that allow consumers to check on the validity of a business and its products, such as the Better Business Bureau, business license databases, and more. However, what do you do if you were actually injured by a defective product? Aside from reporting the company or their defective product, is there any recourse for you, as the consumer?  What if you or a loved one suffered a serious injury, or something of yours sustained serious damage? An area of law knows as product liability seeks to address these issues.

Product liability law essentially seeks to hold manufacturers, … Read More

Find Historical Documents at Your State Archive Office

Public records can be a valuable source of information for many reasons. Through public records resources and through agencies responsible for housing public records, you can find access to anything from birth records to voter records. Such information is useful in performing genealogy research, background checks, and more.

Each type of public record may be managed by its own government agency. For example, property tax records may be managed by an Assessor Office, while vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce records), may be run by the a state ‘s department of health or county clerk. Yet, even with the … Read More

Contempt of Court

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Do you remember when you were young and were disciplined for disrespectful behavior? The lessons about respect, especially respect toward authority figures, are often an important part of growing up. However, those lessons do not end with childhood. Actually, in a court setting, acts of disrespect are not taken lightly and the court does not always hesitate to dispense disciplinary measures to deal with such behavior.

In the court setting, engaging in behavior that is disrespectful to the court is called being in contempt of court. Actually, contempt of court is also the name of the order issued by the … Read More