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California Prop 8 Supporters Seek Anonymity in New Lawsuit

Many were surprised with the passage of Proposition 8 last year in California. Much of the surprise was due to California’s liberal reputation, the significant GLBT community in California, and large and vocal outpour of support or the No on Prop 8 campaign. However, just as there were huge donations and massive outpourings of support against the ballot, the same occurred for the campaign for the ballot. However, it appears as though the individuals and organization who support the Yes on Prop 8 campaign would like to remain anonymous.

Typically campaign finance records are public records, and therefore, anyone can … Read More

Minor Offenders Get a Second Chance with Diversion Programs

If you have been arrested for a crime, this does not necessarily mean that you will be required to go through the court process.  You could even be spared a criminal records.  How is this possible?  Many court systems through out the US have what are called Diversion Programs.  These programs seek to provide alternatives for first time offenders, juveniles, and those who have committed minor offenses.

One belief system behind Diversion Programs is that such petty crimes do not warrant creating the stigma of “criminal” that one could receive if they proceed through the traditional court system.  Also, these … Read More

Pre-Trial Services

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Bail reform has increasingly become an important issue over the past 30 years.  One of the main issues addressed by bail reform advocates is idea of holding criminals suspects in jail pending their trial.  Advocates try to further the philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty,” by ensuring the release of certain suspects until their trial date.

In theory, this seems to be a reasonable approach.  After all, if you are in fact innocent until proven guilty, then why should you be required to sit in a jail cell?  Yet, all things considered, there are some individuals who pose such a … Read More

New Presidency Could Mean More Transparency for Public Records

Now that all the glitter and excitement from the inauguration ceremony and balls has passed, it is time for our new President to get to work. In our trying times of war, global warming, and a bad economy, there is a lot of work to be done. Thus, it is interesting to watch what actions the new President will make first. President Obama has made it clear during his campaign that a transparency in government is an important issue to him. Well, in a move that made many public records advocates excited, one of President Obama’s first signings this week … Read More

Verify Your Teacher’s Credentials

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Teachers are responsible for our most valuable asset, our children. Although parents, guardians, mentors, and the like play a predominate role in influencing children, teachers are also a very significant part of their molding. In a classroom, children can begin to develop not just letters and numbers, but also their concept of morality, boundaries, consequences, justice, and more. As such, it is vital that we feel good about those entrusted to educate our children.

No doubt, the job of a teacher is a difficult and commendable career choice which is owed a great deal of respect. Nonetheless, it is almost … Read More

Tribal Courts

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In some states in the US, there is more to their trial court system than the usual civil and criminal courts. There is one very important branch to trial court system, one which many don’t realize exists, mostly because it does not exist in every state. These are the Tribal Courts. Instead of being a part of state trial courts and existing as a division, these courts actually operate as their own justice system with their own set of laws and regulations.

The Tribal Court systems address the needs of Native American communities. While the governments of the Tribal communities … Read More

Report Littering Neighbors Online!

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Dealing with difficult and/or messy neighbors can really put a hamper on your home enjoyment experience. Also, in this unstable economy, if you are trying to sell property, you don’t necessarily want to be affected by any factors that could detract from the value of a home. Homebuyers and renters often look at an entire neighborhood to establish whether it is a location they want to call home. Government agencies and county officials often work hard to keep communities free of litter and trash. In one particular county in the U.S., they have created a very interactive solution to the … Read More

Nuisance Claims

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A nuisance isn’t just an annoying person, it is actual a legal concept, one which can be sued upon.  In legal terms, a nuisance occurs through the unlawful or unreasonable use of land that causes an injury, or interferes with rights of another person, or the public.  In the legal system, tenants and landowners actually possess a legal right to enjoy their property.  This right is known as the right of quiet enjoyment.  If an activity interferes with this right, this could constitute a legal nuisance.

A nuisance interferes in a person or a community’s enjoyment by causing damages, danger, … Read More

Consumer Protection and Product Safety

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As the economy continues on a recession course, most of us do not have money to throw around. As consumers, we need to be especially conscious about how and what we spend our money on. For big and small purchases, it can be reassuring to verify the quality and reliability of our products. Public records can actually help with this task. The types of information you can gain access to includes product recall and safety information and even databases where you can both view and report auto defects.

Through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can learn about recalls … Read More

Calculating Damages

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How do you calculate what someone should pay you for an injury? How do you put a number on seemingly intangible categories such as pain, lost time, inconvenience, embarrassment, etc.? If you have an issue and are considering legal action, there are questions you may need to ask yourself. Whether or not you will use an attorney to represent your case, understanding the value of your claim could be an important piece of knowledge. If you are being compensated financially, this is generally known as damages.

In cases involving personal injury, also known as torts, financial compensation is the usual … Read More