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Uncover Crime Rates and Statistics with Public Records

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As access to public records becomes more abundant, criminal records searches have also grown in popularity. Many find it helpful to review the criminal records of those they are hiring, or even individuals involved in their personal lives. While not a pleasant subject, crime is a part of our world. However, public records searches can be used to reveal more than just information on one person. You can also use these records to uncover information about entire neighborhoods by reviewing resources such statistics and crime maps. You may find it helpful to review the crime statistics of an area before … Read More

Contracts in the Legal System

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Contracts are often a part of our lives in one form or another.  Between documents such as leases, mortgages, business agreements, most people have likely become a party to contract at least once in their lives.  Essentially a contract is a document which legally binds the relevant parties to certain acts or responsibilities.  Implementing a contractual agreement provides protection to the parties, and legal remedies if the contract is not fulfilled.

To create a legally binding contract between parties requires three ingredients.  Offer, acceptance of the offer, and consideration (an exchange of something of value).  The thing of value does … Read More

Help Bring EPA Fugitives to Justice

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Protecting the environment is no longer merely about words, ideas, and philosophies. Many people now have begun taking decisive action to do their part in protecting the environment. Fears of global warning have recently pushed the green movement in the forefront of many. However, not only are individuals taking changing habits and making big efforts, the government also works to keep our environment safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal agency assigned with the responsibility of many areas dealing with the environmental. The EPA provides many different resources for citizens to stay informed about environmental studies, records, and … Read More

Find Your Remedy with Court Records

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If you have been wronged and decide to seek legal action, you are likely expecting some sort of outcome in your favor to compensate you for the wrong.  In legal terms, this is called a remedy.  Legal remedies typically only apply in situation where the wrong is based on civil law, as opposed to criminal law.  Once a court has decided that the defendant is in fact at fault, then part of their punishment will be the remedy owed to the plaintiff.

In civil law, the type of remedy provided varies greatly by the case type.  However, there are generally … Read More

Get the Scoop on Contractors Before You Hire Them

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Planning on a remodel, or looking for a good electrician? Getting any type of construction work performed on your home can be inconvenient, time consuming, and costly. The idea of someone coming in and tearing down walls and busting pipes can be slightly nerve racking. Or perhaps you need someone to build your future home, or business space. These can all be very personal and expensive products that you want to make sure are being handled by the right people. Although you can look at advertising or receive recommendations, sometimes doing a little research on your own will make you … Read More

Water Courts – What are They?

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Although not found in all jurisdiction, Water Courts perform an interesting judicial service where present. These courts which exist in states including Montana and Colorado generally handle matters concerning water rights.

The set up of a Water Court will vary by jurisdiction. In Montana, there is only one Water Court which serves the entire state. However, within the one Water Court are four divisions. According to state law, these divisions are based the “natural divides between drainages and the borders of the state of Montana.” The four divisions are the Yellow Stone River Basin, the Lower Missouri River Basin, … Read More

California Groups Seek to Expand Access to Legislative Records

Californians, do you want to know the voting patterns of your elected officials? Would you like to see whether campaign contributions affected their vote? In this time of economic crisis, global warming, and the wars on terror, it is very important to know where legislators stand on various issues. With a closer look, you may find that what your politician promised is not exactly what he/she did. Or, you could be pleasantly surprised by the voting decisions. Either way, as voting, taxing paying citizens, we all have a right got know how the men and women we elected decide to … Read More

Double Jeopardy

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If someone has been tried for once for a certain offense, don’t expect to see their name again on different court records, being tried for the same crime.  This is thanks to the concept of double jeopardy.  The 5th Amendment of The United States Constitution contains a provision stating “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”  From this provision came the legal concept of double jeopardy.

Double jeopardy means being prosecuted twice for the same offense.  In the US legal system, because of the  5th Amendment, individuals … Read More