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How Public Records Can Help You Buy Real Estate

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Happy Halloween! On this day when children and adults don spooky outfits, enter haunted houses, and bite their nails in front of horror movies, there are some truly scary events real life situations to be scared of. One of them is the real estate market. Over the past year, we have heard a lot of doom and gloom associated with the real estate market. At this point in our economy there are several hurdles faced by the market, including foreclosures, bad mortgages, and scared lenders. So, if you happen to be one of those people looking to buy, now it … Read More

Conservatorships and Guardianships

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This week in the news, conservertorships and guardianships were a regular topic for discussion as one of the world’s biggest pop stars was placed under a conservatorship run by her father.  What exactly is a conservatorship, and how does it work?  A conservatorship occurs when a court issues an order allowing a person, business, or entity to have control over another person or entity.

In a conservatorship, the person with the control is called the conservator, while the person or entity being controlled is called the conservatee. A court will only appoint someone as a conservator if it is shown … Read More

Using Public Records to Fight Identity Theft

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While the information age has brought great freedom and access to information, it has also created a new breed of problems. Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in our country. Identity theft occurs when some illegally uses your identity without your knowledge. An identity thieve can use your identity for a variety of reasons ranging from deducting money from your account or obtaining credit, loans, mortgages, rental property, and other services for themselves, all while using your name and credit history.

Although identity thieves physically injure no one, this is a very dangerous crime. Identity theft … Read More

Tax Courts

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I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t turn the nose up at the thought of paying taxes. As we write out our checks to the taxman, it’s easy to feel a little frustrated. Taxes are just one of those necessary evils that we collectively love to hate. However, there are instances, when there is a need to fight against amount charged for taxes, or the penalties incurred for non-payment. For these types of situations, the United State federal government and many individual states provide Tax Courts.

State Tax Courts deal strictly with state and local tax issues, while the … Read More

Using Public Records to Check-Up on Your Doctor

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Doctor shopping is one of those unappealing, yet completely necessary tasks. If you ‘ve recently moved, or simply need a new doctor, you should definitely do your homework. Sometimes it is enough to use a recommendation for a family or friend, but it’s your body, so it could be helpful to perform brief check on your won. Thanks to the internet, those background searches on a doctor can be performed within a few clicks. There is a website called the Free Public Records Directory, which can be used to access almost any public record you can think of. Using … Read More

Drug Courts

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Should someone with a drug problem be sent to prison with murderers and rapists or should they receive alternative methods of combined punishment and treatment?  This is one of the many issues addressed by the use of a specialty court, called a Drug Court.  A specialty court is a court operating within the jurisdiction of another court.  However, the Drug Courts offer more than just a separate division to hear specific cases.  Drug Courts create an alternative form of adjudication for people involved in illegal drug activity.   These courts are a unique combination of the judicial system, social services, and … Read More

Ohio To Launch A Searchable Drunk Driver Database

In an effort to make the roads of Ohio a safer place, a new drunk driving law was recently passed by the Ohio legislature.  This new law creates several new additions to the OVI/OMWI regulations in that state.  OVI stands for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and OMWI stands for Operating A Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence. The new law includes earlier court ordered treatment programs, use of ankle bracelets for offenders who break their drunk driving parole, and the use of an interlock system which requires offenders to blow into to prove they have not consumed alcohol before … Read More

Learn About The Candidates Through Public Records

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With two presidential debates and the one and only vice presidential debate complete, are you satisfied with the information provided by the candidates? It has been a truly long and historic campaign season, but there is still a lot to know before November 4th. As everyone is probably quite aware of at this point, the economy is in the dumps, billions of dollars are being spent on two wars, and the health care and educational systems are not up to the high standards worthy of a leading nation. So, this election could be one of the most important decisions of … Read More

New Website Encourages Participation in Legislation!

Now that the $700 Billion Economic Stabilization Act has officially been approved and signed by President Bush many people are breathing a huge sigh of relief. Yet, there is still a sense of unease about what this bill will do and what it means for everyone. As citizens and taxpayers, our dollars are part of the plan to help fix the economy, so we deserve to have a voice.

There are often bills approved by our government that could have a major impact on our wallets and our rights as US citizens. However, while we are fortunate enough to live … Read More

Jurisdiction and Court Records

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Jurisdiction is one of the most important concepts in the legal community.  Cases can easily be lost based on jurisdiction.  So, what makes it so important?  Jurisdiction essentially gives the court the authority to handle a case.  Having jurisdiction allows a legal authority, such as a judge, the power to hear the legal matters and make final decisions.  Three of the most important types of jurisdiction include Personal Jurisdiction, Territorial Jurisdiction, and Subject Matter Jurisdiction.  Each of these plays a different role in they types of cases to be heard by a court.

Personal Jurisdiction is the power of a … Read More