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What €™s Their Debt? Found Out With UCC Filings

UCC filings are documents filed related to the UCC. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a uniform act dealing with sales and commercial transactions for all states in the United States. The subjects of the UCC include sales of goods, leases of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfers between banks, letters of credit, auctions and liquidations of assets, warehouse receipts, documents of title, investment securities, and secured transactions. UCC filings, however, generally deal with secured transactions related to personal property. Something is considered personal property if it is movable, like furniture, inventory, or equipment.

The rules governing secured transaction … Read More

What is Personal Injury Law?

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Have you been in a car accident? Or maybe you slipped and fell in a department store. I’m sure we have all seen those ads where a personal injury lawyer promises to fight for your rights and get you money for your injury. However, perhaps the first step is to understand exactly what personal injury law is.

Personal injury law, which is generally considered part of an area of law formally known as tort law, involves an injured party obtaining compensation from the party that injured them. Tort law is very broad, and involves business and persons. Personal injury law … Read More

Free Weekly Case Filing Reports for Washington Superior Courts is now offering free reports of new cases filed in each Washington Superior Court on a weekly basis. The new reports show case counts for each type of case based on the cause of action for civil cases and on the most serious initial charge for criminal cases.

For criminal case types, links are provided to the associated RCW statute.

Limited information is also available for each case in the report.

This is worth a look.

WA Superior Courts Stats

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Louisiana Governor €™s Office and Dozens of State Agency Records Could Soon Become Public

Soon, Louisiana may be able to escape its reputation of being among the states with the worst public records laws in the United States. On May 20, 2008, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill which is intended to create more transparency in the governor’s office. Under Louisiana’s current laws, the governor’s office and around 60 agencies umbrellaed under the office have immunity from records disclosure.

However, the new proposed legislation, House Bill 1100 would require all agencies to make their records available for public inspection. An amended portion of this bill, which also passed, further … Read More

Emancipation: What it Means and Where it’s Legal

Child Emancipation, formally referred to as Emancipation of a Minor, is a legal process whereby a child under the age of 18 is legally declared an adult and assumes full responsibility for themselves, physically and financially. Becoming emancipated allows a person under the age of 18 to legally sign contracts, own property, and keep their own earnings.

The process of emancipation is very common in Hollywood, where there have been many child entertainers who seek emancipation to gain control over their finances. In California, a minor can ask the court for emancipation at the age of 14. However, the age … Read More

Who €™s Making What? Online Access to Salary Records For State and Government Employees

How do salaries in state and government jobs compare to private company salaries? Concerned about the payment received by certain employees? All these questions can easily be answered with just a few clicks. By law, state and federal employee salary records are public records. As such, anyone can request, from any body of government, the salaries of all employees or even find salary information for one particular employee. State and government employees can include those employed by the city, county, state, state universities, and federal government.

Most states actually provide an online searchable database for state employee salaries. For example … Read More

New Online Court Records System Means Easy Access in Carter County

Need to know when your court hearing is? Curious about how much that big law suit settled for? Well, accessing court records in Carter County just got much easier. This week, Carter County District Court records went online as part of the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN). Several counties in Oklahoma already participate in the OSCN, and Carter County has finally joined the ranks.

Use of the new online system is complete free and provides easy access to all court information at the district court level. Online records searches can be performed by party name, party type (plaintiffs and … Read More

Santa Barbara Launches New Online Sex Offender Database

Santa Barbara has become one of the many counties in the United States to provide an online, searchable sex offender database for its citizens. The database is called Offender Watch, and it is managed by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s office.

The site provides a slide-show introduction describing how to use the new system. The slide-show also lists informative statistics about sex offenders such as: “More than half of rape/sexual assault incidents happen within a mile of the victim’s home.

Incidentally, the new searchable sex offender registry allows users to enter their address and then view a map pinpointing registered … Read More

Rhode Island May Expand Reach of Criminal Records Expungement Law

Access to criminal records is a controversial topic on many accounts. Criminal background checks for employment are often important safeguards to protecting vulnerable members of our communities, such as minors and the elderly. It can also help ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. For example, a job where employees have access to bank accounts or social security numbers may not be the best position for a person convicted of identity theft crimes. Yet, the flip side of this argument is that access to criminal records can also create an unfair stigma, especially for first time … Read More

Campaign Finance

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Watching the news or reading your daily news paper is a reminder that we are deep in election season. Among critical issues such as the environment, immigration, and the economy, another hot button topic among candidates is campaign finance.

Campaign finance refers to how money is raised for election campaigns. Some have concerns that how a candidate raises their money could effect the type of legislation they pass and how they lead. This concern is based on the fear that more money from one person or organization may translate into more expected political favors from the candidate if elected. This … Read More