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Removing Personal Information From Public Records

We here at the Free Public Records Directory are sometimes contacted about removing personal information from public records. It seems a good idea to cover this idea on a broader basis. Neither our site, nor any other directory of public links, has the ability to remove information from public record files. Public records are generated in numerous ways – from buying a house, registering to vote, having a phone listing, to filing business records. These records are generated and then stored in a number of places – county auditor offices, recorders offices, secretary of state files, directories and many other … Read More

Stearns County Provides New Court Research Tool

Stearns County, MN announced yesterday a new search tool that will provide additional information about Stearns County adult criminal court cases. This Adult Criminal Case Search allows individuals to search the site by defendant’s last name, court file number or police report number. Information on the site is updated when cases are filed and again as hearing dates are scheduled. This search tool is listed at the Stearns County Court Directory page and is available via this linkĀ by selecting “Criminal Case Search.”… Read More

President Bush Signs Open Government Act

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On the last day of 2007, President Bush signed the Open Government Act of 2007. This Act amends the Freedom of Information Act and puts in place a tracking system so that both citizens and the media can determine the status of their FOIA requests, if such request will take longer than ten days to process. This bill also establishes an Office of Government Information Services within the National Archives and Records Administrationto to review compliance with FOIA policies, recommend policy changes and offer mediation services between FOIA requestors and administrative agencies. This new law also adds a provision … Read More

Access to Public Records and the Right to Vote

From The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on January 9, 2008:

More than 20 states require some form of identification at the polls. Courts have upheld voter ID laws in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan, but struck down Missouri’s. The Indiana case should be decided by late June, in time for the November elections.

An issue related to access to public records is raised in the oral arguments of the Indiana case, specifically the burden placed on people with limited income to obtain the proper documents to prove their identity:

… Kennedy did, however, voice concern over some aspects of obtaining an ID, including

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